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Boomerang Bags ‘communities’ are areas in which groups of volunteers get together to make bags regularly for the wider community to use. We are committed to the philosophy of Boomerang Bags

"Boomerang Bags is a grassroots, community-driven movement tackling plastic pollution at its source".

Volunteers from all walks of life get together to make re-useable ‘boomerang bags’ using recycled materials, as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

The bags are given away to friends, family, colleagues, bagless strangers and so on, as a plastic bag alternative that can be used and reused, or passed on to others in need.

The bags create a platform to start conversations, make friends, up-cycled materials and work towards shifting society’s throw away mentality to a more sustainable revolution of re-use – one community, needle and thread at a time! 

We launched at the Sorrento Community Centre on March 8th, 2017 with the hard work and dedication of the Sorrento hub, and supported by Rosebud and district hub as well as Balnarring, Red Hill, Somers and Westernport.

We are indebted to the local volunteers who want to make a difference . The name was updated to clarify that this new "collective" is for all hubs on the Mornington Peninsula and also for others supporters to join as interested followers.

In 2018 the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council supported the project through a Community Grant to the Sorrento Community Centre to develop sustainable models for the hubs by seeking support through the Neighbourhood Houses and with the particular focus on establishing new hubs on the Peninsula with an educational focus. 

Welcome to Dromana, Mornington Hastings and Mt Martha in March 2018 This project is supported by the Rye and District Bendigo Community Bank

There are now over 17 hubs with approx 17,000 bags being made.

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